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The Team

Who We Are


Don Francis


Hi my name is Maya! I have been working at KUSH for around a year now. Usually I am a Indica girl but occasionally I do enjoy a sativa from time to time. I love sweet smelling and sticky buds, right now my favourite products at KUSH are our Nerd Nutz by HIRB66 and the hash rosin by ALTERA. Some of my favourite flowers on the shelf are, Citrus Gelato Cake, Crepes, Tiki Cookies and Gelato 2.

Lisa Rose


Hello! My name is Alyssa I have been at KUSH for 6 months. I have a ton of favorite products here, one of my favorites is the 1906 Drops especially their "CALM" and "GO" . For Flower Heartland farms has all of my love, my favorite strain being Citrus Gelato Cake and XJ-13.

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